Now Available : NexentaStor 5.0 of the award-winning file-and-block storage platform

August 30, 2016

Nexenta, the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), today announced the general availability (GA) of the enterprise and community editions of NexentaFusion 1.0, simplified storage management and analytics, and the newest version of NexentaStor 5.0, the company’s flagship OpenSDS solution.

“The data center is in a state of transformation as the enterprise embraces software-defined and all-flash technologies,” said Eric Burgener, Research Director, Storage at IDC. “The introduction of solutions like NexentaStor 5.0 and NexentaFusion 1.0 is accelerating this change and simplifying the deployment and management of the storage infrastructure for the end customer.”

​With a modern state-of-the-art graphical user interface, intuitive workflows, DevOps friendly self-documenting REST APIs and rich storage analytics, NexentaFusion 1.0 and NexentaStor 5.0 deliver operational cost savings that rival the capital cost savings that have made Nexenta the undisputed SDS market leader.

NexentaFusion 1.0 makes deploying, running and operating Software-Defined Storage infrastructure at any scale simpler than ever:

  • Single pane of glass to manage multiple NexentaStor appliances,
  • Intuitive provisioning and configuration workflows for simple service provisioning,
  • Advanced analytics dashboards for pro-active alerting and simple troubleshooting,
  • NexentaFusion builds on the new self-documenting RESTful API of NexentaStor 5.0

NexentaStor has a proven track record of successful deployments across a diverse set of industries, helping thousands of enterprises eliminate unwanted vendor lock-in, increase agility and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by 50 percent or more. With the introduction of NexentaStor 5.0, the award-winning file-and-block storage platform provides advanced All-Flash reference architectures and a new kernel based high-performance replication (HPR) solution that delivers continuous asynchronous replication for applications that require as close to zero Recover Point Objectives (RPO) as possible without performance degradation. Featuring interoperability via a redesigned multi-tenant VMware vCenter™ plug-in and VMware vSphere® Virtual Volumes™ support, NexentaStor is the ideal complement for virtual infrastructures regardless of industry.

The new VMware vCenter Web Client Plugin (vCenter Plugin) for NexentaStor 5.0 provides a unified interface to manage any number of NexentaStor appliances. It simplifies administrator day-to-day operational tasks by allowing customers to incrementally scale storage by adding datastores from within the vCenter interface, identify performance bottlenecks and review capacity utilization trends. Augmented by local snapshots and remote replication, the vCenter Plugin enhances an enterprise’s data protection strategy. Integration of NexentaStor 5.0 with vCenter’s role-based authentication mechanism provides an added level of segmentation and security options for multi-tenant solutions, branch offices and even departmental storage solutions. NexentaStor 5.0 with VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes support allows all storage operations on NexentaStor to be performed with virtual machine granularity.

Other enhancements in NexentaStor 5.0 include:

  • Simpler management of HA for unified File (NFS and SMB) and Block (FC and iSCSI) services
  • Complete set of self-documenting REST API for DevOps
  • Improved performance for streaming large IO workloads with support for extra-large pool record sizes
  • Native support for SMB 3 for Hyper-V environments
  • Kernel based high-performance replication (HPR) solution for scheduled replication with sub-minute RPOs
  • Ability to automatically pause and resume on-going replication streams for more resilient operations in challenging network environments
  • New support for continuous asynchronous replication for close to zero RPO long-distance replication of high performance applications
  • Advanced support for Docker via Docker volume driver
  • Full support for OpenStack with OpenStack Cinder drivers for iSCSI and NFS for a broad set of OpenStack releases

“NexentaStor 5.0 and NexentaFusion 1.0 not only deliver the industry’s most comprehensive Software-Defined Storage infrastructure to tackle today’s complex storage challenges, but it paves the way for tomorrow’s data center with its support of evolving technologies like All-Flash,” said Thomas Cornely, Chief Product Officer at Nexenta. “These new solutions offer unparalleled performance and ease of management while delivering operational cost savings that rival the capital cost savings that make Nexenta an undisputed SDS market leader.”

“With a lightning quick UI, optimized UX, unified NexentaStor systems management and fine-grained analytics, this release brings major refinements and productivity gains indispensable within Media and Entertainment environments.” said Pascal Filion, Head of IT at Moment Factory.

“The new look and feel of NexentaStor and NexentaFusion is very solid and architecturally, it is well thought out by using the RestAPI,” said Evgueni Martynov, Enterprise Virtualization & Storage Analyst at the University of Toronto.

Pricing and Availability

NexentaStor 5.0 is sold as a perpetual software license and includes the right to use NexentaFusion 1.0. The price per raw gigabyte is tiered based on total capacity, with lower prices for larger capacity deployments. A license for both NexentaStor 5.0 and NexentaFusion 1.0 starts at $0.25/GB list, plus maintenance and support, and decreases from there.

Community Edition

Nexenta is dedicated to the open source community and therefore continues to provide a Community Edition of NexentaStor 5.0 and NexentaFusion 1.0.  With over 100,000 community transactions, this single array home use system supports up to 10 TB of allocated space.  With the introduction of NexentaStor 5.0, Community users will also be able to experience the benefits of the award-winning file-and-block storage platform. The Community Edition also features interoperability via a redesigned VMware vCenter Web Client Plugin and VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes support.

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