Data Integrity, Organisation and Search at Scale

At Caringo, we work tirelessly to ensure that our technological differences and innovations solve the most pressing issues associated with aggressively scaling storage environments–from several terabytes to multiple petabytes.

Swarm Portal

Unified Management & Reporting

Swarm has a unified web console for administrators and end users to track performance trends and reporting and manage and monitor content usage quotas (which are integrated with existing metering APIs). Swarm provides hierarchical data protection policies that can be managed by collections, buckets, etc. so your Storage Admin can set permissions and policies and delegate control and management to BUs or end users.

Infrastructure Management

Ensure your cluster is running smoothly with a detailed view of the services needed to run Swarm and network, node and feed status. Hierarchical data protection policies can be set through Swarm’s UI or via an API across clusters, domains, buckets or files. Historical metrics provide trend analysis to better enable capacity planning and monitoring.


The Swarm portal makes it easy to upload, search, and view content. Add custom metadata, automatically capture file system attributes on ingest and query across all stored files at once through a web-based UI or management API.

Scale-out Storage Cluster

White Paper

Elastic Content Protection:

Replication and Erasure Coding Explained

Elastic Content Protection


Ad Hoc Search and Query

Perform ad hoc searches and queries on metadata and export the results in JSON or XML, or view results immediately from the Swarm portal.

Dynamic Organisation of Content

Collections are saved queries that run dynamically when viewed, streamlining the ability to view and identify relationships across diverse data sets.

Big Data

Swarm search results can be directly analyzed via Hadoop through SwarmFS for Hadoop or easily imported to analytics applications like Kibana.


Multi-tenancy, Orchestration,
Security and Metering

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See for yourself what Swarm can do for you and your business. We will happily take you through a guided demonstration, and/or provide you software you can run in your own environment - either a free trial or a free 10TB Developer License is available.

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