2014-POY-finalistCloudian HyperStore ®

Cloudian HyperStore® software makes it easy to build full-featured, Amazon S3-compliant cloud storage, on-premises. It is available as either stand-alone software, or fully integrated with Cloudian HyperStore® appliances. Either way, HyperStore software ensures unlimited scale, multi-data center storage, fully automated data tiering, and support for all S3 applications—all behind your firewall.


Software or Appliance – Your Choice

Cloudian HyperStore software, whether deployed on a user’s existing hardware or pre-installed on a Cloudian HyperStore appliance, combines robust availability with system management control, monitoring capabilities and reporting. A host of features, including hybrid cloud streaming, virtual nodes, configurable erasure coding, and data compression and encryption help HyperStore set Cloudian apart with highly efficient storage and seamless data management that lets users store and access their data where they want it, when they want it. Built on a robust object storage platform for effortless data sharing, cloud service providers around the world use HyperStore to deploy and manage both public and private clouds, while enterprises rely on it to maintain their private and hybrid clouds.

Scale as You Grow

HyperStore cost-effectively scales via commodity hardware so initial deployments can be comprised of only a few servers in a single data center. As demand grows, these installations can easily expand to thousands of servers that process hundreds of petabytes of data, distributed across multiple data centers.

Protects all Data

HyperStore software optimizes storage for all data objects, both large and small. Erasure coding enables deep archive efficiency and flexible redundancy, giving you robust data protection without consuming precious disk space. Object replicas are employed for frequently used data.

Effortless Data Movement

HyperStore affords you the flexibility to put your data where you want it and easily retrieve it when you want it. With unique features like object streaming and dynamic auto-tiering, data moves seamlessly between your on-premises cloud and Amazon S3, regardless of file size.


  • Easy out-of-the-box deployment as stand-alone software or pre-installed on Cloudian HyperStore appliances
  • Scalable to hundreds of petabytes across regions
  • Efficient data protection with compression, replication and erasure coding
  • Encryption for secure data storage
  • On-premises S3 with full support for all S3 ecosystem apps
  • Dynamic data tiering to Amazon S3, Glacier and S3-compatible clouds
  • Comprehensive multi-tenant services
  • Quality of Service (QoS) controls
  • Straightforward data management
  • Deploys easily across Amazon, OpenStack and CloudStack
  • Self-healing and auto-rebalancing
  • Professional services and 24×7 support


Cloudian, Inc. enables global enterprise customers and cloud service providers to cost-effectively build highly scalable, full-featured, fully secure, on-premises Amazon-style private clouds.

Customers use Cloudian HyperStore® software, or the fully integrated Cloudian HyperStore® appliances, to ensure nearly unlimited capacity expansion, straightforward data tiering on and off the cloud, and unfettered use of all available AWS S3 applications – all behind their firewall.

HyperStore is optimized for the most demanding data management workloads in media and entertainment, finance, research, energy, life sciences, and manufacturing environments.