Innovators in data archiving through state-of-the-art optical storage

DISC Archiving Systems (DISC) is the leading manufacturer of optical archival storage solutions for the long term retention of digital data.DISC archiving success

DISC has been providing innovative solutions for over 20 years with in excess of 22,000 installations worldwide.

With its Blu-ray Disc Optical Library Series, DISC continues to provide scalable and reliable archival storage technology.

DISC´s solutions exceed legal and regulatory compliancy requirements and are extensively deployed in a wide range of verticals such as law enforcement, financial, video and medical applications.

DISC utilizes the latest generation of Blu-ray technology (BDXL) providing 128GB capacity on a CD sized disc. These are housed in a media library which allows 100s of discs to be stored and automatically loads the media into a drive when required.

DISC blu-ray

Optical storage has always been perfect for archiving and with the release of the 128GB Blu-ray media and 50 year media life, Enterprise and SME’s finally have access to a secure technology which allows them to reduce storage costs, simplify administration, lower risks and preserve data for the long-term.

We support all optical standards and technologies. With our DISC Network Appliance and DISC systems ranging in capacity from 700 Gigabyte to 35 Terabyte per cabinet, we offer our customers optimal, scalable solutions specific to their requirements.

Our product range offers scalability and future-proofing for all forms of data archiving

Our products are adapted to the requirements of its customers. Once in use, DISC solutions grow as required – from mega storage to peta storage, with or without cartridges – regardless of the optical technology. That makes our systems revision-safe and protects data from unauthorized access.

DISC ArXtor Appliance Series


Simplify your IT infrastructure while creating a more dynamic and flexible archival storage solution with the DISC ArXtor Appliance. Ensuring continued IT innovation, the ArXtor Appliance helps reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs through server consolidation and archive automation, while ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing risk.

The ArXtor Appliance is an extension of the ArXtor Lite library, providing a cost-effective upgrade path to the purpose-built ArXtor appliance configuration. The ArXtor Appliance can be integrated seamlessly into any existing GigE network infrastructure, offering a wide range of enterprise class features and benefits

• The embedded server eliminates the need for additional archive hardware

• Automated Archive iSCSI Library Management Software provides Virtual Server Environment for Custom Application Configurations

• Hot Swappable redundant Hard Disk Storage for Archive Cache is integrated in the system

Web-based GUI & front-panel touch display, providing the basis for intuitive local and remote (Java client) setup and diagnostic capabilities, setting a new industry standard for intelligent support of Blu-ray Library systems.

DISC BD SeriesDISC-BD Series

The DISC BD Series is designed to provide efficient archival storage of your fixed content, data and corporate records. With 50 year media life ,the Write Once (WORM) technology ensures that your data is safe from accidental or malicious attack by employees or virus’s. The DISC BD Series is an automated optical media library which provides near-line access to data stored on CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. Your data is protected with DISC’s “Touch Less Technology” with the media stored on trays to prevent handling damage. The SmartPack continues this touch-less protection when you remove, offline, media and provides a protective case for external management of your media.

Key Benefits:

  • Transparent access to data
    • Data is automatically retrieved by loading media into drivesDISC BD-Series-Inside-copia
  • Low total cost of ownership
    • Zero power consumption per media
    • 50 year media life means fewer data migrations
  • Protect your data from deletion or modification inside or outside the system
    • Blu-ray is true Write Once (WORM) technology
  • Open system approaches allows data to be read outside the system
    • Conforming to ISO standards allows media and data to be read in any blu-ray device
  • Investment protection
    • Libraries can be upgraded to the latest technology removing the need to continually replace your equipment
    • No data migrations are necessary as optical roadmap delivers backward read compatibility with previous technologies
    • High reliability designed in combined with excellent Service and Support ensures many years of trouble free operation

DISC SmartPack™ – the smart way to handle your media

The DISC SmartPack™ Removable Media Technology offers the perfect solution to protect and manage bare optical media in and outside the DISC Optical Libraries.DISC smartpack55-1024x778

It provides protection and ensures the media is not damaged by the user when it is inserted or removed from the library.

Each SmartPack™ can hold 15 media and is inserted into one of four locations on the front of DISC libraries.

Key Benefits:

Maximum Protection

  • Enclosed design to ensure protection against scratches, dust, fingerprints, shock and light
  • Media locked into place

Patented Touchless Easy Media Handling

  • Inserted into one of four locations in the front of the library
  • Uses same tray system as libraries
  • Hot swappable exchange whilst the library is operating

Intelligent On/Offline Data Management

  • Worldwide unique serial number & bar code stored on label and on smart memory chip
  • Unlimited Offline Media Storage
  • Light weight ergonomic design, only 720 grams and half height (5.25”) high.

DISC appliancezonderachtergromd