Secure Networks

The extensive unified threat management solutions for medium-sized companies, the next-generation firewalls for highest security requirements in large companies and the R&S®SITLine ETH Ethernet encryptor protect organizations against espionage and the manipulation of data transported via Ethernet over landline, radio relay and satellite links. TrustedVPN provides a comprehensive state-of-the-art security infrastructure as a ready-to- run and fully automatic solution.


Ethernet Encryption R&S®SITLine ETH

Protecting data center and site-to-site connections against eavesdropping

Big data applications and cloud technologies are driving the amount and the value of data in motion. They give enterprises a decisive competitive advantage and provide government authorities with great opportunities to increase their efficiency. Yet handling big data involves far-reaching challenges, primarily with respect to IT security. When connecting sites and data centers, confidential information leaves secured and trusted grounds. Reports in recent months have revealed that optical and electrical lines can easily be tapped. Rohde & Schwarz provides high-performance network encryptors that protect data center connections and wide area networks (WAN) against eavesdropping and manipulation.


Scaleable Ethernet encryption: R&S®SITLine ETH

R&S®SITLine ETH is a family of Ethernet encryptors. They protect organizations against espionage and the manipulation of data, transported via Ethernet over landline, radio relay and satellite links. In case of increasing data traffic, a flexible license concept allows performance upgrades up to 40 Gbit/s per device by means of a firmware update and without the need to change the hardware. The devices combine easy administration (including separated network and security management) with a compact form factor and low system costs. They are BSI-approved for classified communications at German and NATO RESTRICTED security levels.








Ethernet encryption up to 4 Gbps








Ethernet encryption with 10 Gbps for optical and electrical lines







Ethernet encryption up to 40 Gbps








Robust and compact Ethernet encryption everywhere


gateprotect NP+ Next-Generation Firewall












The turnkey solution for all network security requirements

gateprotect NP revolutionizes the concept of next-generation firewalls by using our unique full-validation whitelisting to ensure maximum network security. Its general operation can be compared to x-ray scanners used at airports. No single unknown item is allowed through the security checkpoint, instead each and every item has to be positively identified. gateprotect NP uses a novel technology to achieve the same for a company’s network.

Every single network transaction is analyzed down to the application and content level. Only transmissions that are fully understood and validated are allowed to pass. Everything else is blocked from entering or leaving the network, not only securing the network from outside attacks, but also providing highly effective data loss prevention.


NP+ for branch offices






Turnkey solution for all branch-specific network security and management requirements.


NP+ for Enterprise environments






gateprotect NP-L enables top performance for enterprise environments. 


Command Center






The Central Interface for Control offers an excellent overview of all deployed security.

NP+ for Mid-Enterprise






Innovative network security for comprehensive protection for environments in sector of medium-sized companies.


easy-to-use WebGUI






A quick and easy handling of complex IT security solutions offers the easy firewall administration.


Virtual Appliances






Securing your IT infrastructure in VMware environments.

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For more than 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision and innovation in all fields of wireless communications. The group relies on its expertise based on 20 years of experience in IT and network security. All Rohde & Schwarz development, sales and service activities focus on the customer.

The company offers a complete test and measurement portfolio for the wireless market. Rohde & Schwarz solutions are used worldwide by leading companies in the wireless communications and mobile network testing market segments. The group also offers T&M equipment tailored to the automotive industry, the aerospace and defense market, all sectors of industrial electronics and research and education. In broadcast and media, Rohde & Schwarz addresses network operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and content providers. The group ranks among the world market leaders in both T&M and broadcasting equipment.

Rohde & Schwarz actively promotes IT and network security. With its cybersecurity solutions, the group protects industry and government authorities against cyberattacks and espionage. Communications and security solutions from Rohde & Schwarz are also used for critical infrastructures. The company additionally offers reconnaissance equipment for homeland and external security as well as communications and reconnaissance equipment for the armed forces.

The Executive Board is made up of Christian Leicher (Chairman) and Peter Riedel. As an independent, privately owned company, Rohde & Schwarz generates its growth from its own resources. Since the company does not have to think in quarters, it can plan for the long term. On June 30, 2016, Rohde & Schwarz had approximately 10,000 employees, about 6000 of whom work in Germany. The group achieved a net revenue of EUR 1.92 billion in the 2015/2016 fiscal year (July to June).