EgoSecure: Legally compliant encryption and permanent auditing…

February 26, 2018

Legally compliant encryption and permanent auditing of data protection levels – the major technical challenges in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

EgoSecure Data Protection is a comprehensive data protection solution that enables you to easily and efficiently implement the technical-organizational measures (TOMs).
Our special strengths lie in two areas. 1. The encryption and 2. The permanent auditing of the protection level.

1. The required encryption of data when transporting storage devices and computers presents IT managers with seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Because one thing they know – the problem with encryption solutions is not the technology, but the introduction and management in everyday use. Common container solutions are often simply bypassed because they are complicated to manage. You have the expense of training all users, and still cannot be sure that the sensitive files don’t end up unencrypted next to the container. EgoSecure Data Protection contains file-based encryption solutions for all data paths – this means that you simply store as before and the data is still encrypted. This is easy, does not require training and cannot be bypassed. Would you like to see just how easy it is? Then arrange a free webinar appointment with us.

2. Regarding traceability of data paths, the legislators for the EU GDPR have gone one step further than the BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act). It is no longer enough to be able to trace where data leaked out, in the event of data loss. The new regulation also requires that the level of data protection can be checked and proven at any time, even without incident. You also need to be able to detect and fix weak points immediately. Without a tool that provides clear and concise information about the data activities in the network, this is almost impossible.

The Insight module in EgoSecure Data Protection provides an overview of the overall situation of data security in the network at any time. Based on these facts, the level of protection can then be checked, and the effects of corrections can be proven.

We would be very happy to show you Insight in a free webinar – get in touch with us.

In addition to the extensive encryption modules and Insight, EgoSecure Data Protection provides solutions for the implementation of the EU GDPR requirements for access control, secure data deletion and an anti-virus solution.This ensures that all TOM’s are covered in most cases