OSNEXUS Announces QuantaStor 5.4 Featuring Scale-out NAS, IBM Key Protect Integration, and Storage Firewall Management

August 27, 2019

OSNEXUS, the leading developer of grid-scale software-defined storage solutions, today announced the availability of QuantaStor 5.4 with new capabilities including CephFS based scale-out NAS, IBM Key Protect integration, and storage protocol firewall management.

“QuantaStor 5.4 represents a significant step forward with the new security features and scale-out NAS capabilities,” said¬†Steven Umbehocker, CEO of OSNEXUS. “Using Ceph technology for file, block, and object storage unifies our scale-out storage strategy and enables customers to get even higher ROI out of their scale-out storage deployments.”

The QuantaStor Software-Defined Storage platform helps organisations reach new levels of IT agility by enabling standard servers to be set up as enterprise storage systems. To enable these systems to reach hyper-scale capacities, QuantaStor has a unique storage grid technology allowing the combination of up to 64x systems together into a “storage grid”. Storage grid technology also enables deployment and management across public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments to meet the needs of a broad set of storage use cases.

QuantaStor 5.4 Highlights

Scale-out NAS with CephFS – QuantaStor now utilises scale-out NAS capabilities based on CephFS. Scale-out configurations support NFS and SMB protocols with features including compression, encryption, and snapshots.

IBM Key Protect Integration – QuantaStor supports IBM Key Protect as a key management system for creating encrypted Storage Pools.

Storage Firewall Management – Updated firewall settings enable IT security administrators to easily control protocol access at a system and network interface level.

Enhanced Upgrade Manager – Simplified upgrade process makes it easy to apply driver and security updates to QuantaStor systems.

S3 Bucket Management – Common S3 bucket management operations are now accessible via the QuantaStor web management interface, CLI, and REST API.