OSNEXUS Certifies Intel Optane Memory with QuantaStor 5

July 9, 2019

OSNEXUS, the leading developer of grid-scale software-defined storage solutions, today announced that it has certified Intel Optane™ memory for use with its QuantaStor storage platform. Intel Optane SSDs complement QuantaStor scale-out clusters that use Ceph technology. Write performance with Ceph is highly dependent on the use of fast all-flash storage due to its highly resilient synchronous write architecture. With Optane and 3D XPoint technology, writes are completed faster than with standard NVMe media and the high write endurance of the Optane flash devices make them ideal for this application.

Intel Optane technology is a new, non-volatile storage option based on Intel 3D XPoint technology that modernizes the existing data center architecture with a new tier in the memory and storage hierarchy, filling the gap between high-performing volatile memory and lower-performing, but affordable, NAND storage. Intel Optane technology is unique in its combination of low latency, high quality of service, high endurance, and high throughput.

“With multi-cloud adoption becoming a core strategy for enterprises, cloud providers are adopting PCIe/NVMe-based SSDs like Intel Optane SSDs that deliver robust, long-lasting scalable performance,” said Steven Umbehocker, CEO of OSNEXUS. “Intel Optane SSDs enable our storage grids to run scale-out clusters faster while simultaneously addressing some of the cost issues generally associated with scale-out storage clusters.”

Delivering performance, quality of service, and capacity improvements to further optimise storage efficiency, Intel Optane technology enables data centres to do more per server, minimise service disruptions, and efficiently manage at scale than traditional NAND storage.

The OSNEXUS QuantaStor platform delivers a complete array of enterprise features and capabilities for file, block, and object storage. Additionally, it addresses a broad set of storage use cases including server virtualisation, big data, cloud computing, and high-performance applications through scale-out physical and virtual storage appliances.

OSNEXUS has certified the Intel SSD DC P4610, Optane SSD DC P4800X, and SSD DC P4500 for use with QuantaStor 5.