Empowering Service Providers

Allot Communications is a leading provider of security and monetization solutions that enable service providers to protect and personalize the digital experience.


Service Delivery Framework

Allot’s flexible and highly scalable service delivery framework leverages the intelligence in data networks, enabling service providers to get closer to their customers, safeguard network assets and users, and accelerate time-to-revenue for value-added services.


Innovative Technology, Proven Know-How and Collaboration Excellence

We employ innovative technology, proven know-how and a collaborative approach to provide the right solution for every network environment. Allot solutions are currently deployed at 5 of the top 10 global mobile operators and in thousands of CSP and enterprise networks worldwide.

Intelligent broadband solutions for digital lifestyles

Allot are a leading global provider of intelligent broadband solutions that put mobile, fixed and enterprise networks at the centre of digital services. Their rich portfolio of high-performance platforms, integrated services, and insightful analytics empower network operators to shape the digital experience and capitalise on the network traffic they generate.

Products that create real value for network operators

Allot products utilise open architecture, and standard interfaces allow Allot Communications, to collaborate with leading solution providers and a growing cadre of service vendors in the digital ecosystem, including SDN/NFV environments. Their products and solutions are backed by a global support organisation with technical experts providing 24/7 coverage around the world. Consequently, they are able to deliver tangible results and create real value for their customers around the world.

Allot Communications’ Product Range

Secure Service Gateway

The Smart Way to Protect Users and Control Application Performance

Your business relies on employees and customers being able to connect and work productively with mission-critical applications at all times and from any location. The performance and efficiency of your network can be easily compromised by the ever-increasing demand for LAN, WAN and Internet bandwidth driven by cloud, mobile and video applications. Moreover, the growing use of BYOD and shadow IT have opened complex attack vectors for web threats to infect user devices, get into your network, and harm business productivity and viability. Allot Secure Service Gateway combines the functionality of Allot Service Gateway with our powerful web security and DDoS protection systems, to offer a single, scalable solution that lowers the cost of supporting your evolving requirements for application and user visibility, performance, and security.

Protect network uptime and efficiency

Allot Secure Service Gateway is built on the same carrier-class performance and reliability that Allot brings to many of the world’s largest network operators. Flexible redundancy configurations plus passive bypass with automatic port failover maximize uptime and availability.

Automate operations and lower TCO

Allot Secure Service Gateway integrates multiple functions in an Intel-based platform that protects your investment and lets you scale from 2 to 22 ports of 1GE/10GE network connectivity in a single appliance.

Get the visibility you need to control application performance Allot provides live traffic monitoring and usage reporting according to traffic policies that are mapped to your complex data center and cloud applications, giving you full visibility and control of application performance, web access, user quality of experience, shadow IT and web threats.

Protect users from Internet threats and enforce acceptable use Allot helps you embrace and maximize the business value of cloud (web) applications by detecting and blocking malware, phishing and other web threats before they harm application performance and user productivity. Allot Secure Service Gateway also detects and surgically filters DDoS and bot traffic before it affects your network.

 Allot Secure Service Gateway Data Sheet

Allot Secure Service Gateway delivers comprehensive network visibility, security and control in a single appliance, enabling enterprises to enhance productivity and protect their networks and users against DDoS and web threats – at significantly lower TCO.

 Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition Data Sheet

Allot Service Gateway is a powerful and proven service delivery platform, providing a single point of integration in thousands of enterprise and CSP networks, for the deployment of Allot services ranging from advanced traffic visibility, security and policy control, to customer engagement and service personalization. Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition (SG-VE) plays the same role in your NFV environment. It provides a high-performance service delivery framework deployed on commodity components and built to power Allot’s intelligence, security and personalization services as virtual network functions (VNFs) that operate seamlessly and consistently across your core network and into the cloud.

 Protecting Mobile Users While Boosting Revenue

Dan Baker on the Benefits of Providing a Real-Time Cloud Service in Malware Threat Protection for Consumers & SMBs The mobile business has probably never been tougher. Operators today are being hit by challenges from all directions: Costly LTE and bandwidth rollouts have been great for users, but have not contributed to big revenue gains; Traditional voice, SMS, and other IP services are steadily being gobbled up by OTTs; Profitable roaming charges are now being undercut by regulators in some regions; and, New mobile and OTT competitors continue to enter the market. So how can operators win in today’s brutally competitive climate?

 University of Bath

The University of Bath is rated in the top dozen universities in the UK. Its research is internationally-respected, and its students are in high demand. The University’s buildings are set in an attractive campus about a mile from the centre of Bath, a World Heritage City. The University has 3200 bedrooms for students in Bath, of which two-thirds are located on campus. Its 12,000 students enjoy a particularly advanced IT environment to match the University’s international, teaching and research reputation. Students and staff alike benefit from a unique IT environment with a network carrying the triple play of IPTV, IP telephony and broadband access.

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