Team Overview and Approach

ArcaStream provide bespoke, software-defined scale out storage and data management solutions that free you from vendor lock-in. Future-proofed and tailored to your exact requirements, ArcaStream helps you take control of your spiralling storage costs.

ArcaStream is driven to provide customers across a range of industries with innovative, bespoke solutions that give them a competitive edge at a competitive price point.

The foundation of the ArcaStream business is based on mutual respect and integrity. Our team works together for common corporate and professional goals. We value relationships first and foremost and invest in their ongoing development. ArcaStream know that the customer comes first, every time, all the time.


Forward thinking

As we strive for excellence ArcaStream are highly committed to research and development and continuously reinvest significant resources in this area. Under the guidance of our Technical Director Barry Evans and our Head Of Research and Development Jez Tucker we have a team of Engineers and Software Developers dedicated to Research and Development

We continue to develop and improve our existing solutions to provide better functionality and usability and to ensure compatibility with continuous hardware and software upgrades.

In the ever changing technological environment within which we operate we are also constantly considering and testing at new technologies and applications.

The aim is to keep our solutions at the leading edge whilst maintaining optimum reliability for the benefit of our clients.


Built on success – leading solution for the media industry

ArcaStream features the most experienced independent team of scale-out storage and networking experts in the UK. ArcaStream delivers bespoke scale-out storage and data management solutions designed exclusively for the needs of research and simulation users.

Our sister company Pixit Media was formed in 2010 to provide cost effective storage and network solutions to the media and broadcast industries based on high performance computing principles. This company is highly successful in the challenging digital media market with over 70 clients and growing.

ArcaStream was formed in 2012 to bring the benefits of the same unique approach to the Educational Research, Life Science and Oil and Gas Industries.

ArcaStream provide bespoke, software-defined scale out storage and data management solutions that free you from hardware vendor lock-in. Future-proofed and tailored to your exact requirements, ArcaStream helps you take total control of your spiralling storage costs.


A great return on investment…

ArcaStream provides a greater return on your investment by providing competitive CAPEX and OPEX. The automated tiering and simple interface require less system administration and management. This enables customers to spend their budgets doing more with their data.

All the benefits – minimum disruption…

ArcaStream provides maximum flexibility for seamless and predictable incremental expansions of individual hardware components with minimal system downtime. This enables customers to spend less time worrying about losing access to their data.


The big data challenge

Regardless of market sector, everyone is familiar with the explosion of data and particularly large unstructured data that when combined with stagnant IT budgets and increased demands to provide better solutions for the same money are placing IT departments under increasing pressure. ArcaStream offer highly effective data management solutions which enable organisations to store, manage and access data in a more cost effective manner to significantly reduce or eliminate this problem.


A greater return on investment…

Predicatable data storage cost model

  • Their software-defined architecture, agnostic to hardware vendors, enhances customer purchasing power.
  • The system uses policy based data management to provide ‘right-priced’ technology pools within the same overall namespace.
  • The eco-system allows seamless migration from one generation of server and storage technology to another.
  • Their solution scales to multi-petabyte capacities and near-limitless performance.

Shared collaborative working

  • Their solution fits to any multi-user workflow.
  • Access your assets from nearly any connected device from anywhere in the world.
  • Staff in all physical premises can work on their assets as if they were in the same room.

Deep insight into data usage and habits

  • Find out where, how often and by who your assets are being accessed.
  • Identify trends in usage to make informed purchasing decisions in future.

Easy to search and access

  • Automatically ingest data and associated metadata into the ArcaStream Asset Management Interface.
  • Strip metadata directly from file, reducing the need for human intervention when cataloguing data.
  • Users are provided with instant access and search of assets using relevant, human terms.

Protects and secures

  • Reduces backup, archive and replication windows by a factor of 60 over traditional data protection mechanisms.
  • Selectively and intelligently replicate and archive data to a variety of cloud, disk and tape based storage anywhere in the world.
  • Encrypt assets and data communication in-flight.
  • Open architecture ensures up-to-the minute security updates.

Embeds repository into existing applications

  • Their API provides rapid application development interface into the solution for your key applications.
  • Directly interrogate and control the solution, data and asset metadata from in house and third party software packages.

All the benefits with minimal disruption…


Hardware agnostic

Because their solution is software defined and not tied to any single hardware vendor, customers benefit from being able to choose best of breed hardware for each element of the storage solution and tender them competitively, resulting in the optimum mix of performance and capacity for the available budget.


Efficient software licensing

Their solution offers freedom from capacity-based pricing so that increasing performance and capacity does not have to mean additional licensing costs.


Efficient design

Their consolidated architecture provides maximum performance and capacity in a small footprint, minimising cooling, electricity and data centre hosting costs.

Our building block approach means that performance and capacity can be scaled independently and granularly, allowing you to purchase only what you need, when you need it.


Simple management

The intuitive graphical interface saves time and extends systems management to lower cost resources resulting in cost savings.


Fits existing workflow

Their solution provide centralised, consolidated storage that eliminates unnecessary data transfer, boosting productivity.

No customer workflow changes are required to make the solution fit and it can handle any performance pattern, eliminating the need for multiple systems and resulting in cost savings.

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