Whether you have a specific business or industry need in mind, our open, modular and interoperable solutions tap into a shared framework but are built specifically to solve a unique challenge or concern. These solutions simply work. Simply help you succeed. Emerson Network Power’s Avocent infrastructure management solutions help customers reduce costs and simplify complex IT environments via integrated, centralized in-band and out-of-band hardware and software.

Faster. Surer. Able to take any curve that comes your way. No matter what drives your IT infrastructure, Avocent Professional Services and Technical Support are ready to fine tune your operations.

IT Infrastructure Management Solutions


Universal Management Gateway

The Avocent® Universal Management Gateway appliance is the first data center device that enables true, real-time, integrated monitoring, access and control across IT and facilities systems in the data center. The appliance makes it possible for data centers to execute a unified approach to infrastructure management, resulting in greatly reduced cost and more efficient management and control.

The Avocent Universal Management Gateway appliance is the core component of the DCIM framework. It is the data collection engine as well as the access point that provides the closed-loop control for Emerson Network Power’s DCIM solution, the Trellis™ platform.

The appliance combines the functions of KVM over IP, serial console over IP, rack PDU, SP and environmental management in a single chassis. When used in combination with Avocent DSView™ management software, the solution provides remote access and control to any device that can be controlled by any of the consolidated functions.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive DCIM platform in a single pane of glass
  • Convenient single U chassis – reduced rack space and footprintAvocent-Universal-Management-Gateway_1_small
  • Complete connectivity (IPMI, SNMP, OPC, Modbus, BACnet, Velocity)
  • Physical sensor aggregation
  • Easy installation across various remote access technologies
  • Up to 40 simultaneous KVM sessions
  • Up to 1024 service processors; wide variety of servers managed
  • Up to 40 full auto-sensing ports
  • KVM and SPM capability per port (using the UMIQ-V2)
  • Data collection – up to 10,000 data points per minute
  • Real-time information across IT and facilities

Digital KVM Switches

Consolidate access at the desk, at the rack or across the entire data center with Avocent’s field-proven line of analog and digital KVM switches. Avocent has been at the forefront of KVM development from the start, saving space and improving staff efficiency in leading companies across the globe.

These desktop KVM switches enable you to use a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to seamlessly access multiple PCs, without the expense and waste of valuable desktop real estate.

Avocent MergePoint Unity

The MergePoint Unity switch includes both KVM-over-IP and serial console management technology. Centralize the management of the appliances with DSView 3 software.

Avocent® AutoView™ Digital KVM Appliances

Avocent® AutoView™ digital KVM appliances provide access to your servers from any location via the on-board Web browser.


Avocent SwitchView Digital KVM Appliance

Cost-effective, digital KVM appliances that provide access to and control of servers.


Avocent DSR Digital KVM-over-IP Appliances

DSR digital switches let you remotely manage and power cycle connected devices. Centralize the management of the appliances with DSView 3 software.


Digital KVM Extension (HMX)

The HMX™ Digital High Performance Matrix KVM solution is designed for organizations that need to provide workers the ability to seamlessly access and share one or more computing resource(s) which are physically separated from their work environment. HMX leverages industry standard IP technology and existing network infrastructure to provide sharing and switching between resources separated by large distances.


Support for Avocent

Avocent Professional Services Support Programs The Avocent Professional Services hardware support and software upgrade protection programs offer a complete range of solutions including advanced replacement, 24/7 technical services, priority access to Avocent technical services and software updates. These programs give you major benefits such as the ability to:

  • Forecast and plan your maintenance costs
  • Maximize your system performance
  • Purchase a service plan that best suits your particular requirements
  • Priority case handling
  • Protect your investment
  • Access new software releases over the term of the software upgrade protection agreement

Avocent Professional Services Hardware Support Plus Program. This program offers advance replacement on all hardware/appliances covered by the Avocent Professional Services program. This program is available in pre-paid, and 1 year anytime options.

Avocent Professional Services Hardware Support Premium Program. This program offers advanced replacement plus 24 x 7 telephone support covered by the Avocent Professional Services program. This program is available in pre-paid, and 1 year anytime options.

Software Upgrade Protection This program offers software updates and upgrades on Avocent software covered by the Avocent Professional Services program. This program is available in 1 and 2 year pre-paid options, and a 1 year any time option.

 10 Reasons To Migrate

If you struggle with meeting the service level demands of your business and are finding it to be more challenging than ever to make IT a more strategic, business relevant function, you have most likely outgrown your current data centre infrastructure system.

 10 Reasons You Should Consider Avocent Data Centre Planner Software

Get ready for information. With the Avocent infrastructure planning and management solution, you can quickly realize the benefits of predictive simulation and modelling for every device in your data centre.

 ACS 5000 Series Advanced Console Servers

The ACS 5000 advanced console server offers IT professionals and network operations centre (NOC) personnel the ability to perform secure, remote data centre management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world.

 ACS 6000 Series Advanced Console Servers

The ACS 6000 advanced console server series integrates cutting-edge technologies, adaptive services and secure enterprise communications in order to offer IT professionals and network operations centre (NOC) personnel the ability to perform secure, remote data centre management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world.

 Achieving Control Over Data Centre Implementations and Operations

Out-of-control data centres that lack reliability and proper security often result in systemic instances of lost productivity and operational cost overruns. By pro actively enabling services for controlling access to the infrastructure and monitoring for activity, management decisions can be made to improve data centre services that more effectively meet organizational requirements.

 Achieving Data Centre Optimization with Visual Modelling

Achieving Data Centre Optimization with Visual Modelling. An enterprise management associates (EMA) White Paper prepared for Avocent April 2009, IT Management Industry Analysis and Consulting IT Management Research and Consulting Table of Contents Executive Summary.

 Are You Getting a True Picture?

The Facts About KVM over IP, Bandwidth and Video.

 British Telecom Exact

When it established its Cardiff data centre  British Telecom chose an Avocent KVM solution that would provide a more centralized way of controlling and monitoring all of the servers in the data centre.

 Cisco Systems

Not only is the ACS v6000 best in breed, its the only solution in its class that met our physical to virtual requirements. On the day we deployed it, we literally were able to recognize a complete return on investment due to how it facilitated and expedited our virtual migration.

 DTS Digital Technology

By choosing an Avocent data centre management solution, DTS embraced cutting-edge technology for virtual server and remote power management technologies.

 Microsoft Technology Centre – Thames Valley

Where data centre management technologies are concerned, we only use Avocent. In our opinion, Avocent is by far the best and most innovative solution provider in this area, setting standards that other companies have to follow.

 Pinewood Studios

The Avocent HMX solution has been a great asset to this part of the business without it, our workflow would be more difficult to manage and time would be wasted moving operators between servers.