logoDot Hill Systems Corp. is a recognized leader in software and hardware solutions for storing, sharing, protecting and managing data.

Leveraging its proprietary Assured family of storage solutions, Dot Hill solves many of today’s most challenging storage problems – helping IT to improve performance, increase availability, simplify operations, and reduce costs. Dot Hill’s storage solutions deliver outstanding storage performance, efficiency, flexibility and scale.

Dot Hill’s solutions combine storage software with the industry’s most flexible and extensive hardware platform to deliver best-in-class SAN storage solutions with Five 9′s of availability. Our SAN solutions are trusted by the world’s leading storage manufacturers and their channel partners.


Dot Hill Innovation and Intellectual Property

With over twenty years in the storage industry, Dot Hill has deployed more than 500,000 storage systems worldwide. Dot Hill innovation has resulted in numerous patent awards on its technologies. Dot Hill was recently recognized as one of the top five companies in its peer group for its significant amount of intellectual property by MDB Capital at the Bright Lights Conference.

Dot Hill’s intellectual property, demonstrated by its extensive patent portfolio, stands on three pillars of innovation which, when combined, provide a complete platform for addressing customers’ storage needs. Dot Hill’s pillars of innovation include software, platforms, and systems, which combine to create advanced SAN storage.

The Company’s solutions are ideally suited for emerging trends such as virtualization, cloud computing and accelerating demand for data storage related to email, databases, and high-performance computing. Our end-user customers include IT managers in media and entertainment, retail, finance, education, defense, healthcare and government, who utilize our unified storage solutions for video streaming, high definition video production, transaction processing, and intelligence gathering and a host of business applications.

Storage Arrays


AssuredSAN™ Pro 5000


Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series adds automated tiered storage capabilities to our SAN storage line-up. Using the Pro 5000 Series with integrated RealStor™ management software, IT managers can improve data responsiveness, remove provisioning and allocation guesswork, and simplify storage management and expansion. RealStor, Dot Hill’s unique, patent pending software takes tiered storage to a more advanced level – beyond batch data migration to Real-Time automated tiered storage, that continuously responds to user data demands by moving ‘hot’ data to a high-speed SSD tier.


AssuredSAN™ 4000

4000-series-lgOur AssuredSAN™ 4000 storage arrays are the highest performing storage solutions in the Dot Hill portfolio. Designed with a powerful processor, these systems provide accelerated performance for sequential workloads, making them ideal solutions for high performance computing, telecommunications data capture, media streaming, video post-production, and broadcasting. The 4000 Series supports 5200 MB/s sequential reads, and 3000 MB/s sequential writes, ideal for HD, 2K, 4K, and 3D workflows.


AssuredSAN™ 3003

product-detail-image2Our AssuredSAN™ 3003 storage arrays are some of the highest performing storage solutions in the Dot Hill portfolio. Designed with a powerful processor, these systems provide 100% more performance for sequential workloads, making them ideal for media streaming, video post production and other media applications. The 3003 Series is available with 8Gb Fibre Channel or 6Gb SAS host connections.


AssuredSAN™ 3000

product-detail-image2The AssuredSAN™ 3000 Series offer value, performance and scalability. With 50% more performance than the 2002 Series, these systems accelerate reads and writes, and perform well on random transaction workloads, such as databases, business analysis, as well as video streaming. The 3000 Series offers models for 8Gb Fibre Channel, 1Gb iSCSI, 10Gb iSCSI, 6Gb SAS, Hybrid Fibre Channel and iSCSI, and JBODs. 3000 Series arrays are backward compatible with 4Gb fibre channel and 1Gb iSCSI networks and compatible with the 2002 Series, allowing you to do data-in-place migration.


AssuredSAN™ 2000

product-detail-image2The AssuredSAN™ 2000 storage arrays are SAN solutions for fibre channel and iSCSI SANs as well as SAS direct attached storage. These arrays are modular, scalable and feature battery-free cache backup. The 2000 Series is based on the AssuredSAN technology platform which has over 500,000 units installed worldwide.



service11Dot Hill offers technical support world-wide to our extensive customer base which includes online and phone support, firmware updates, as well as on-site options, and professional services offerings.