EgoSecure have been innovating and leading the field of comprehensive data protection solutions for more than 10 years. Their first product was developed and released in 2005 in Ettlingen, Baden Wurttemberg (Germany), where the company is still located. To date, more than 2,100 customers across all industries and of all sizes, enjoy the benefits of data security from EgoSecure.

With the analysis module Insight and its 20 protection modules, they are the first manufacturer worldwide to combine the analysis of the data flow with the safeguards for data, in one solution. Their philosophy is not to implement security practices and solutions based on speculation and what might be. They deal in facts. Their solution accurately collates the data protection security situation, specific to a network. It identifies what particular threats to that organisation actually exist, then they are able to deliver the specific security solutions. With Insight it is also possible to constantly review the level of protection and customise as appropriate.

In 2012 they introduced the porcupine Egon as an integral part of their corporate identity. The porcupine resonates particularly well with their corporate philosophy because it is one of the few animals on earth that has no natural enemies, due to its innovative defence strategy. The spines are the longest in the entire realm of mammals and are unique in that they provide optimum protection on all sides. Even much larger predators will not try to attack a porcupine. If they do, well let’s just say they won’t ever try again! And, the same applies to any who might try to attack their customers’ data. However, Porcupines are not unpleasant fellows, quite the contrary. They are very easy to care for, need social contact and are playful. Towards their own kind, they re-orientate their spines so that they do not hurt each other as they snuggle up in cold weather to keep each other warm.

Their solutions are designed the same way. Although they protect very effectively, they are still friendly to both administrators and users. The administration is very intuitive. The protective measures take place in the background, so users are unaware and productivity is unaffected.


If data is lost due to theft, negligence or accident, great damage can be done. It can ruin businesses and reputations. The most vulnerable points of attack are our devices, e.g. computers, smartphones, laptops, etc., which are operated by people – and people are fallible.

Anti-virus protection and a firewall are not enough to protect data. Data is the life-blood of every organisation and for more than 10 years, we have been innovating and leading the way in the field of data protection. To date, more than 2,100 customers from every industry and of all sizes, are benefiting from EgoSecure Data Protection.

EgoSecure do more than just blindly protecting your data. Their unique solution determines the data protection situation of your network. It then gives you accurate information, specific to your network, with guidance on how to protect yourself via their 20+ protection modules. This process can even be automated with EgoSecure’s IntellAct module.

Insight & IntellAct

Today data is an absolutely crucial asset for every organisation. Data loss, due to theft or carelessness, can greatly harm an organisation, perhaps even causing it to go out of business.

Unfortunately this is a fact, and you have very probably already read about it in the marketing materials of our competitors. Other software providers no doubt advise you to protect yourself as comprehensively as possible against all risks, even if you don’t know whether these risks are relevant for your business. This doesn’t make any sense to us.

Don’t blindly protect yourself across the board. Instead, first UNDERSTAND your own data-security situation and then specifically PROTECT yourself against the risks that are genuinely relevant for your organization.


Insight collects facts about the data security of your network and displays them in graphs and very detailed tables, meeting the information requirements of both management and administrators. The module therefore provides a foundation so that protective measures do not have to be set up blindly. First, the facts are used to diagnose the requirements for the initial installation of protective measures, and from then on they are used to constantly monitor whether your company’s protection requirements change with time.


The new IntellAct module analyses the facts from Insight and automatically activates protective measures based on pre-defined rules. In addition, it can make comparisons with benchmarks, automatically detecting anomalies and critical situations so that an appropriate response is triggered to protect an organisation’s data. This automatism greatly facilitates the work of administrators and minimises reaction times considerably.


EgoSecure Features & Functions

After analysing the data flow and identifying the weak links with Insight & IntellAct, the protective measures can be configured individually with 20 protective functions. These protective functions are based on the C.A.F.E. MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLE.

All functions are integrated into one solution, access only one database and are controlled via a central management console. There is only one installation, after which the functions can be activated in accordance with the protection requirements. A subsequent adjustment of the protection needs requires no new installation.

Our solution is easy and fast to install without extensive work and costly consulting support. EgoSecure Data Protection consists predominantly of proprietary developments and therefore has a uniform installation, administration and operating concept.

All protection functions focus on making the use of EgoSecure Data Protection as easy as possible and yet safe.

This is what they call “simply beautiful IT security”.

EgoSecure Modules


Corporate Analysis
  • Insight Audit
  • Insight Analysis
Access Control
  • Device Management
  • Cloud Access Control
  • Connection Access Control
  • Content Analysis & Filter
  • Antivirus
  • Application Control
  • Removable Device Encryption
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Pre-Boot Authentication
  • Folder Encryption
  • Cloud / Network Encryption
  • Permanent Encryption (included in version 12)
  • Android / iOS Encryption
  • Mail Encryption
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Inventory
  • Password Manager (included in version 12)
  • Secure Erase
  • Green IT

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