Founded in 2007 by veterans in the enterprise infrastructure and security space, HyTrust accelerates datacenter transformation by removing the security concerns that act as a critical inhibitor to virtualization and cloud adoption. HyTrust is partially owned by VMware and Intel.

The mission of HyTrust is to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data center failure and data breaches — especially in light of the concentration of risk that occurs within virtualized and cloud environments. With HyTrust, organizations can now confidently expand virtualization to mission critical applications and take full advantage of the cloud.

Protect your cloud infrastructure

HyTrust workload security solutions protect cloud infrastructure allowing you to accelerate savings, reduce risk, simplify compliance and increase availability


Protect Your Virtual Infrastructure

CloudControl helps defend and protect the most important asset in the IT inventory – the hyper-visor. For most organisations, their virtualisation infrastructure is the crown jewel of the shop and the hyper-visor the one ring to rule them all. With that in mind, it is more important than ever to pay particular attention to cloud security solutions that help better harden the hyper-visor and lock down access to that vital piece of infrastructure.


Data Sovereignty that leverages Intel TXT

HyTrust BoundaryControl gives you the ability to define trusted areas where your VMs are allowed to run. These could be geographical area, a set of hosts meeting certain compliance or performance requirements or any of a number of other factors. You control where your VMs run, enabling data sovereignty, compliance and giving greater protection against insider threats and external breaches.

Key Control

Multi-Cloud KMIP-Compliant Key Management

HyTrust KeyControl is a centralised, enterprise-grade, high availability Key Management System that allows organisations to keep complete ownership of their encryption keys and manage them under a single pane of glass, regardless of their Multi-Cloud architecture


Better Data Encryption

HyTrust DataControl enables state of the art encryption as well as encryption and key management. Deployment is fast and easy with ongoing operations intuitive and GUI-based. Encryption and further re-keying can be performed with zero downtime on live environments.

Key Control

Extending visibility of your virtual environment

HyTrust CloudAdvisor provides answers to questions such as “where is this data located?”, “who is interacting with the data?”, and “why is it stored there?”. Enables organisations to quickly define policies to discover critical business data—including Personally Identifiable information (PII)—detect anomalous user behaviour, and defend against unintended exposure, data loss, malicious user access, and regulatory non-compliance.

HyTrust CloudAdvisor for Data

Organisations are well aware of the risks of maintaining control of their data and the potential risk that sensitive data possess to their business should it fall into the wrong hands. Uncontrolled and unrestrained, business critical data proliferates at surprising speed between employee laptops, networked drives, and the almost unlimited space available in virtual deployments and cloud storage solutions.

HyperConvergence or Hyper-Security: Why adding more SEDs may not make your enterprise secure and compliant

To achieve cost-effective agility and scale in their data centers, a growing number of organisations are moving to HyperConvergence Infrastructures (HCI). For data security, they are installing self-encrypting drives (SED). SEDs generally provide security by using encryption keys to encrypt all data on the drives. The encryption keys resides on a chip on the hard drives and will be used after the devices have been validated for use.

HyTrust KeyControl

HyTrust KeyControl has been built to be operationally easy to setup, use, and scale with your environment.

HyTrust DataControl

HyTrust DataControl helps organisations lock down virtual machines and their data so they remain secure throughout their life cycle, from creation until they are securely decommissioned, easily and automatically.

HyTrust CloudControl

HyTrust CloudControl provides automated protection and compliance to allow hyper-convergence of virtual workloads on the smallest data centre footprint all while minimising time and resources costs associated with security and compliance.

The Race to Meet GDPR Compliance

With less than 4 months to go, many UK businesses are late in preparing their organisation to meet one of the strictest compliance regulations to date. It’s estimated that achieving full compliance will take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on an organisation’s size, complexity, and current privacy maturity level.

HyTrust KeyControl & VMware vSphere 6.5 Encryption

If you’re familiar with VMware’s vSphere 6.5 VM security, you know that data encryption requires an external key manager. But did you know that HyTrust KeyControl has been approved by VMware as a compatible key management solution?

Data Encryption and Re-keying Made Easy

Companies cite budget, performance concerns, and lack of deployment knowledge as the top three barriers to implementing an encryption solution. Learn the sweat-free secrets to performing critical data security functions.

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