In the new storage era inaugurated by INFINIDAT, the trade-off between storage capacity, performance and cost is a thing of the past. INFINIDAT’s ground-breaking technology has been actualized in a cutting-edge enterprise storage system, uniquely designed for the most data-intensive applications.

INFINIDAT’s goal is to build the data platform of the future. As our system evolves, close work with customers ensures the optimal feature set and performance characteristics for Big Data users. With INFINIDAT’s superb technology and highly-qualified professionals, your long-term data needs are in the industry’s most reliable hands.


InfiniBox – Hyper-Scale Information Storage

An enterprise class, multi-petabyte, unified storage system designed to meet the professional challenges of future data centers. The innovative architecture provides unmatched reliability of 99.99999% uptime and powerful, simple to use management capabilities.

Committed to green, environmentally friendly solutions, InfiniBox provides an efficient, robust, hotspot-free architecture that adapts to the customer’s ever-changing business environment, achieving consistent performance levels at competitive costs.


Key Advantages


Reliability & Performance


Unmatched reliability and performance (99.99999% uptime) through an innovative self-healing architecture, high performance double-parity InfiniRAID™, and comprehensive end-to-end data verification. InfiniSnap™ technology provides unlimited space-efficient snapshots with no performance impact.

Petabyte Scale


Resolve data center footprint constraints with the ultra-dense InfiniBox array — 2PB of usable capacity in a single, standard 42U rack. System capacity utilization is increased further with extremely efficient thin provisioning and space reclamation capabilities.

Truly Unified Storage


Support modern workloads by delivering SAN (block), NAS (file), and Object storage in parallel within a single platform. All three technologies are supported at every level, including the GUI which presents a unified control panel. No more settling for partial solutions, where NAS and object services are patched onto legacy block arrays.

Going Green


An efficient, green storage system that minimizes environmental and physical footprint during both the manufacturing process and ongoing operations. InfiniBox has an extremely low energy footprint of 8KW during peak load and it occupies a single 42U rack, providing floor space, cooling and power usage efficiency.

Simplicity Across the Board


Friendly and intuitive HTML5-based GUI makes traditionally complex operations a no-brainer. Our elegant RESTful API and a powerful CLI for automation gives you a storage system that’s both highly efficient and very simple to manage. Our licensing model is also simple: all software features are included at no additional charge.

Connectivity and Integration


InfiniBox integrates with OpenStack, VMware and other enviroments through native interfaces, and is bundled with a rich portfolio of solutions. HostPowerTools™ shortens lengthy storage management tasks from days to seconds!


IZBox – Uncompromising Near-Line Storage

IZBox G3000 high-capacity NAS provides unmatched cost-effectiveness for near-line datasets. IZBox’s unique feature set makes it your ideal storage system for various workloads, such as: genomic research, life-sciences, cold storage and backup repositories.

Powered by INFINIDAT’s ground-breaking technology, IZBox G3000 eliminates the traditional trade-off between storage capacity, performance and cost. Using standard off-the-shelf hardware components and proprietary software architecture, IZBox G3000 meets the demands of the most data-intensive applications. It provides unprecedented 2PB of usable storage capacity in a single 42U rack, thus minimizing floor space, energy and cooling costs.


Key Advantages


NAS Single NameSpace

overview2Manage usable NAS storage capacities of 2PB as single namespace, simplifying the storage administrator’s work. With quick and easy quota management, and the ability to export the same file system to both NFS and CIFS – managing your NAS dataset has never been faster.

Unmatched Cost

overview8IZBox’s baseline cost per usable Terabyte is one of the best in the industry. When factoring in the in-line compression, IZBox’s effective cost per Terabyte is genuinely astonishing.

In-Line Compression

overview5IZBox comes with in-line transparent compression that greatly increases the effectively available usable capacity, while suffering no performance penalty. We offer best-of-breed, genome-specific compression capabilities. An enhanced compression engine, targeted at several data types, provides superior compression efficiency.

Simplicity Across the Board

overview7IZBox is highly efficient, and its management is unbelievably friendly and intuitive. Traditionally complex and time consuming operations are automated and performed in seconds, using IZBox’s HTML5-based GUI. An elegant RESTful API and a powerful CLI provide further automation. Our licensing model is also simple – all software features are included, at no additional charge.