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A unified network platform for server connectivity, switched fabrics, network services and storage services. Avoid complex and costly integration projects and single-point Management. Higher performance, pervasive interoperability and simpler installation and management. Accelerates key storage application operations (including mirroring, snapshot, and virtualization for LSI StoreAge SVM) directly within hardware.

Solutions to the following issues:

  • Uses Split-path (also known as SPAID) processing that separates the data path from control path processing, which results in superior application performance
  • Combines VMware server virtualisation with storage virtualisation maximising the benefits of virtualisation
  • The industry’s first 4Gb stackable switch with 99.999% availability
  • Qlogic HBA’s complete product offering for both PCI-X 2.0 & PCI Express 4Gb HBAs

Key Benefits:

  • Increases SAN performance for mission critical applications
  • Simple SAN management and cost effective
  • The most complete SAN solution from HBA to the Core

Storage Networking

Optimized from end-to-end. From adapter to fabric. From core to edge. High-performance storage networking from QLogic enables consolidation and virtualization of all storage assets – legacy and new.

Converged Networking

Converged data and storage networking. Standard TCP/IP and Fibre Channel traffic running on the same high speed 10Gbps Ethernet wire. High-performance, investment protection, reduced costs.

HPC Networking

Optimized from end-to-end. From adapter to fabric. From core to edge. High-performance cluster (HPC) interconnects from QLogic create super-computing capabilities at commodity hardware costs.

Fibre Channel Switches

From the largest enterprise datacenter to the smallest home business, QLogic offers SAN connectivity to meet the needs of any IT environment. Each SANbox ® SAN switch comes pre-loaded with all the management tools required to easily connect servers to storage, maximizing the return on both your server and storage investments.

SANbox 9000 Series Switches – Designed to the Core™ for Open Systems

Finally, there’s a new class of core switch that represents a sane alternative to quarter million dollar Director switches. The SANbox9000 series is Designed to the Core™ for cost sensitive, business-critical, open system environments that require an ultra-high density, blazing performance, 99.999% availability, intelligent switch platform for their data center core. SANbox 9000 series represents a number of industry firsts: a stackable chassis module for simple, cost-effective scalability, a 4U chassis module for smaller footprint, the simplicity and economies of Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) and a comprehensive set of Director-class software management tools included as standard. Best of all, pricing starts at under $100K.

The highly scalable SANbox 9000 is a stackable chassis switch with a dedicated 800Gb/s HyperStack™ connection between as many as two chassis modules. The high port count SANbox 9000 supports up to 256 ports in a dual chassis configuration. The intelligent SANbox 9000 offers in one chassis module: 8 slots for any mix of 4Gb or 10Gb Fibre Channel I/O Blades, with an 8GB FC I/O blade coming in mid-CY2008. For high availability, the SANbox 9000 features redundant, hot-swap I/O, CPU, Power Supply and Fan blades. And for comprehensive fabric management, the SANbox 9000 includes a powerful and easy-to-use suite of software tools for setting-up, monitoring, tuning, troubleshooting and servicing an unlimited number of large fabrics.

QLogic 9000 Series

DigitalFilm Tree

QLogic 9000 directs an ensemble cast of post production systems.


QLogic Switches give CNBC an edge with improved production time.


QLogic 9000 Series boosts marketing power at Experian.

QLogic 5000 Series

Carmarthenshire County Council

QLogic 5802v Switches provide an optimised storage backbone for achieving I/O virtualisation.

QLogic 1000 Series

Jefferson Union High School District

QLogic and Hitachi Data Systems end data truancy at the school district.

QLogic 9000 Series

QLogic 9000 Series Stackable Chassis Switch

QLogic offers modular blades at an edge switch price.

QLogic 5000 Series

QLogic 5800

8Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel Switch, up to 120 ports per stack.

QLogic 3000 Series

QLogic 3810

8 Ports, 8Gbps Fibre Channel SAN switch.

QLogic 1000 Series

QLogic 1400

10 Ports, 4Gbps Fibre Channel Switch.

QLogic UA5900 Series

QLogic UA5900

Ultra-dense Converged Network Switch.

QLogic 9000 Series

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