Scality RING software deploys on any industry-standard x86 server, uniquely delivering performance, 100% availability and data durability, while integrating easily in the data centre thanks to its native support for directory integration, traditional file applications and over 45 certified applications.

Scality’s complete solutions excel at serving the specific storage needs of Global 2000 Enterprise, Media and Entertainment, Government and Cloud Provider customers while delivering up to 90% reduction in TCO versus legacy storage.

Today’s businesses are in the midst of a massive digital transition, and are struggling to cope with more data than ever. Videos, images, IoT, Big Data, Backup and Recovery are all breaking traditional storage methodologies resulting in greater cost and complexity. At the same time, there’s more and more pressure for always-on service and a bulletproof infrastructure. The combined requirements for large scale, 24×7×365 availability, high performance and data durability have simply broken the old SAN and NAS storage models. Enter a new world: object and cloud storage by Scality.

Key Advantages

100% Availability and Durability Run your digital business with confidence, knowing your stored data is always on and always available.

The RING enables 100% data availability and zero downtime Support your most rigorous SLAs with reliability guaranteed under contract. The RING preserves data through its distributed architecture, which provides geographical redundancy and no single point of failure. Business continuity is assured through built-in durability and disaster recovery features. Customers can run for years without downtime through hardware failures, upgrades, patches, and expansions.

Telenet, their first customer in 2010, has experienced zero downtime with no data loss (over billions of emails stored), even as their capacity increased 25×

High Performance Gain the agility you need to store & rapidly access petabytes of data regardless of size, volume, or type. You won’t just ensure rapid access to stored data regardless of application, but you’ll speed your time to market by consolidating mixed workloads onto the same storage, even across multiple locations.

YouTube’s #1 competitor uses the RING to serve video to 300 million users per month with 2.5 billion views. The #1 cable company in the U.S. uses the RING for 30,000 read/write operations per second, and a major film production company achieves over 100Gb/s of performance on its content delivery application.

Outperform your competition with the Scality RING.

Enterprise Ready Scality offers native support for traditional file systems and easy integration with existing IT. Launch public or private cloud services with a proven storage foundation, with both AWS S3 and OpenStack compatible interfaces for total flexibility.

The RING is proven with millions of end customers every day. Whether you are deploying email messaging as a service, storage-related services, or custom applications for images and video, Scality has the product and the experience to help you meet demand spikes with continuous uptime. Scality supports both custom and packaged applications in production for years under the most demanding conditions. And the same infrastructure can be used for both public and private cloud services, giving you even better economies of scale.

Lower TCO with Hardware Independence Unlimited scaling with total hardware freedom. Scale to exabytes for 90% lower TCO than legacy storage with no data migration or downtime. Scale rapidly and economically with web-scale storage that runs on any hardware. With the RING, you can scale as much and as often as you need—and with no data migration nor disruption. Grow capacity incrementally with minimal risk and pay-as-you-scale cost, mixing standard x86 servers from HPE, Dell, Cisco, and Seagate or commodity ODMs. Make the most of hardware innovation by adopting more cost-efficient or performance-enhancing servers as they come available while maintaining continuous availability. The RING offers continuous scaling, low administrative overhead, and hardware & application versatility; benefits which led one customer to a 30% reduction in hardware costs even while expanding their storage.

Why Scality

Scality is the market leader in S3. Their customers routinely process tens of thousands of read/write operations per second, and experience tens of Gb/s of throughput with 100% availability. (One client stated that Scality “is the fastest object store they tested.”) They rely on Scality to reduce administrative costs by 90% coupled with zero data loss due to industry leading data protection methodologies. Scality is the new approach to large scale, 24×7×365 data availability, performance, and durability.


Software-defined Scality RING object storage enables enterprises and cloud service providers to run petabyte-scale, data-rich services like web applications, VOD, active archives, compliance archives, and private storage clouds.


Scality Dedicated Care Service (DCS) is the crown jewel in Scality’s customer services suite, ensuring always-on availability for petabyte-scale cloud storage.


If you’re looking for a hosting provider, it’s impossible to bypass Rackspace. A true leader in managed hosting and cloud services, Rackspace has been innovating since its start in 2000.


It’s not about the storage, it’s about the data. EDF has seen the highly disruptive effects of having a data storage outage, and Scality RING is central to their strategy for making sure that doesn’t happen again.


How has Scality RING helped Dailymotion’s business? It’s really simple: Scality RING gives Dailymotion’s engineering team confidence that they can grow their storage capacity to meet the hyperscale growth of their content and business.

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