Spectra Logic define, design and deliver innovative data protection through tape and disk-based backup, recovery and archive storage solutions. By igniting innovation we challenge expectations of the data protection market with intelligent, integrated, and simple to use backup and archive technologies. With over 30 years of experience in storage, our goal is to develop high-density, feature-rich storage products with unmatched service and support to customers worldwide. To guarantee superior quality for our clients, we manufacture all T-Series libraries onsite at our Boulder, Colorado USA-based headquarters.

Recently, Spectra’s T-Finity and T950 enterprise tape libraries achieved the highest rankings industry-wide and were named the market’s “Best in Class” products in the DCIG 2012 Big Data Tape Library Buyer’s Guide.Spectralogic ActiveArchiveFounding

Since our beginning, we have remained a privately held business. This gives our team a greater sense of ownership, inspires them to make their best contributions and has led to our many innovations throughout our history. This is marked by our 54 US patents and 46 live applications for patent. We are continually motivated to be the leader in an ever-evolving industry and our touch can be seen around the world through our thousands of T-Series installations around the globe in over 72 countries.

Spectra Logic has been an ISO 9001 certified organization since 1998.

Spectra Logic’s automated tape backup solutions, disk backup solutions, and data backup storage solutions will protect your data efficiently and securely.

Our products include innovative features such as our tape libraries with LTO-5 tape drives, integrated data encryption, media health monitoring, and low power consumption. We believe that Spectra Logic has the best tape libraries and disk backup solutions available.

Spectra Logic is a founding member of the Active Archive Alliance. The Active Archive Alliance is a collaborative industry alliance formed to educate end user organizations on the evolving new technologies that enable reliable, online and efficient access to their archived data. The Active Archive Alliance was formed as the data storage industry is in need of a multi-vendor effort to ensure inter-compatibility, define best practices, and to educate on new trends and technologies that help organizations meet the myriad of data access and retention requirements imposed upon them.

Enterprise & Mid-Range Tape Libraries

Spectra® T-Finity Tape librarySpectralogic T-Finity

The T-Finity’s modern design provides a tape archive and backup solution to fully meet the needs of the enterprise IT, federal government, high performance computing, and media and entertainment markets, offering industry-leading scalability with the speed necessary to meet the requirements of the most data-intensive environments in the world.

  • Minimum configuration of 3 frames with 920 slots and 24 drives per frame
  • Scale up to as many as 122,050 slots
  • Scale up to as many as 480 drives
  • Cascades to 100 frames with 8 robotic mechanisms
  • Mixed media including LTO, SAIT, SDLT, and RXT media (disk)

Spectra® T950 Tape library

The enterprise Spectra® T950 library automates tape and SATA-based mobile RXT™ RAID VTL media in a single enclosure, and combines backup and encryption into a single step. For data backup and recovery, this elite library leads the field in cost-effective innovation—from the greatest storage density to the first true integration of VTL in an automated library. With its low cost of ownership, it’s also budget friendly for your data center.

  • Minimum configuration has as few as 100 slots and two drives
  • Scale up to as many as 10,050 slots
  • Scale up to as many as 120 drives
  • Cascades to eight frames with single robotic mechanism
  • Mixed media including LTO, SAIT, SDLT, and RXT media (disk)

TranScale T-Series Tape Libraries (T200/T380/T680)

Preserve your Spectra TranScale T-Seriesinitial storage investment with Spectra Logic’s TranScale™ T-Series libraries. By utilizing interchangeable components, our libraries easily transform and scale (TranScale) to protect your storage investment as your organization—and data—grows. Designed with enterprise-level functionality at mid-range prices, the TranScale T-Series libraries feature unmatched storage density, integrated encryption, power-usage monitoring, and the ability to add disk-based backup alongside tape—all inside the same library unit. Ideal for growing mid-range organizations, Spectra’s TranScale T-Series meets your storage capacity and feature needs now and in the future.

  • Tape Slots: up to 680
  • Tape Drives: up to 24
  • Mixed media including LTO and RXT (disk)TranScale™ allows you to upgrade to a larger library while preserving your investment


Spectra T120 library

The Spectra T120 library is easy to use, manage, and maintain. From initial installation to library maintenance, the T120 simplifies backups. And the T120 has extraordinary flexibility—with it, you can start with the features you need now, and add features and capacity as your data grows and backup requirements change.

  • Up to 120 slots and 6 full-height drives in one rack-mount library unit
  • Mixed half-inch media – LTO-3, LTO-4
  • Automatic data encryption with BlueScale Encryption

Spectra T50e Tape Library

By combining field-proven reliability with cutting-edge storage innovation, the Spectra® T50e gives you enterprise capabilities in a compact, 4U rackmount library. The T50e offers you advanced LTO technology, powerful library management functionality, increased security through our integrated BlueScale® Encryption, plus a range of support options to complement your requirements. With more innovative features than other libraries in its class, the T50e easily stands out in front. It’s just a better library.

  • Enterprise-level features including BlueScale Encryption and Media Lifecycle Management
  • Can be configured from 10 to 50 slots
  • Available with two full-height drives or four half-height drives

Disk Based Systems

Spectra nTier 500

The flexible nTier500 Intelligent Secondary Storage (ISS) Appliance allows you to decide how it can best meet your storage needs. Whether you need to protect the valuable information on your Windows servers or just need a place to stage data for quick disk-based recovery, the nTier500 can adapt and go to work right away. What’s more, the nTier500 can conveniently be managed with our trusted BlueScale interface – the same powerful interface that runs our flagship T-Series tape libraries.

  • Fits into 3U rack space
  • Provides RAID 6 data protection
  • Scales from 4TB to 16TB of raw storage capacity
  • Provides dual Gig-E Ethernet interface

Spectra nTier700

The Spectra nTier700 Intelligent Secondary Storage (ISS) Appliance is designed specifically for backup and archival data—all data that is no longer in active use and is ready to be moved off primary disk. It consumes less power and occupies less space than disk appliances, letting you cost-effectively store data after it leaves the expensive primary disk. Plus, it provides an integrated, flexible, and powerful storage platform that you manage with the proven, easy-to-use BlueScale interface.

  • Fits into 4U rack space
  • Provides RAID 6 data protection
  • Scales from 10TB to 60TB of raw storage capacity
  • Provides four (4) Gig-E Ethernet interface