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Physical and Virtual Backup and Restoration Appliances for unified IS protection


The all-in-one solutions from the French vendor integrate all software and hardware components dedicated to the protection of company data, applications, mail servers and systems.

The pioneer of the Backup Appliance has unified physical and virtual components for an exceptional level of flexibility for your IT infrastructure.



synerwayadvantagesIntegrated backup and restoration solution

With Synerway backup appliances, all organisations (SoHo, SMEs, administrations, local authorities or multi-sites) have an authentic data backup solution at their disposal answering specific requirements.

Storage capacity adapted to your requirements

Synerway has a range comprising four models of Appliances (baby, small, medium and large), according to the volume of data you need to protect – from 1 TB to 96 TB of data storage.

Contact us to find the best-suited data backup solution for your company.

A data backup solution for all environments

Synerway Appliances are compatible with all IT environments. Whatever your OS: Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC OS or Open BSD, you can take advantage of our backup solutions.

Physical or Virtual Backup Appliance?

Our Backup Appliances can be either physicall or virtual (SVA). These two types of backup solutions offer the same feature set (data, system and application protection) and level of reliability.

The Physical Appliance is perfect for multi-site infrastructures where data needs local backup and protection.

The Virtual Appliance frees you from compatibility constraints and costs often linked to hardware installations.


synerwayadvantages1The Physical Backup Appliance is a standalone solution directly linked to your IT infrastructure protecting your data, your applications and performing native disk backups.

The Synerway Appliance range has 4 models: BA, SA, MA and LA (Baby, Small, Medium and Large Appliance). Storage volumes range from 1 TB to 96 TB.

A rapid return to activity thanks to disk backups

The physical Appliance always performs a first-level backup to a local disk. This means that in the vast majority of cases, lost data is restored directly from disk in the event of an incident saving valuable time in the process.

According to company needs, the solution can be:

  • pure disk backup (D2D without a media drive),
  • disk backup with externalisation to LTO tape or removable RDX disk (D2D2T/D2D2D).
  • disk backup with externalisation to a network location -either a second Appliance or a network share (D2D2N),

Another Synerway differentiator: the solution automatically externalises selected data from disk backups to physical media (LTO tape RDX disk), or logical media (another physical or virtual Synerway Appliance or a network share location).

The Physical Appliance: performance and security

The Synerway Appliance is s a powerful and versatile solution equipped with a stable Linux kernel which shields from virus/malware attacks.

Backed up data is always encrypted and compressed at source. The quality of its hardware and software components means trouble-free backup and restorations task processing.

Its user-friendly interface helps to simplify your configuration management and lower the solution’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


synerwayadvantages2An integrated solution to protect one or more critical servers up to 800 GB. Enables fast and autonomous server recovery.

The DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) is your one-stop insurance policy which means that your IT infrastructure and critical data can be restored rapidly in the event of an incident.

If a server goes down or is damaged or stolen, your company’s survival is on the line. Restoring systems and data to their full production capacity is crucial; restoration times (RTO) are also vital.

The One-Click DR Box ensures the full and rapid availability of all mission-critical data:

File servers, business applications, accounting data, business intelligence and Human Resources files, and also the data which circulates on email systems.


Simplified restoration: One-Click UBMR (Universal Bare Metal Restore)

The One-Click DR Box includes the One-Click UBMR module which means that if a critical server goes down, a complete and rapid restoration of this system is possible to the same hardware or different hardware or to a virtual machine.


Creation – Innovation

Founded by four data protection experts, Synerway innovated with the launch in 2002 of the first backup Appliance.

Since this launch, the innovative nature of Synerway backup and restoration solutions is recognized by institutional partners:

  • Synerway was a winner of the “Capital IT” award.
  • Synerway received the status of “innovative company” by the Ministry for Research.
  • DISTREE, a European IT event rewarded the “innovative character” of the Synerway Backup Appliance.
  • The IE Club awarded Synerway the prize “Leader on IT-TECH innovation in Europe”.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010, OSEO Innovation Funds accompanied Synerway in its development.

In 2012, Synerway was selected by the PM’UP Committee and received support for future innovations on the data protection market.

Mission and values

Synerway’s mission is to provide the smartest solution for unified data and systems protection at the lowest TCO and deliver efficient Disaster Recovery Plans both on site and in the Cloud.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our activity. Digital data protection within an organisation is crucial to business survival. We ensure backup policies and tasks are as intuitive as possible for IT teams.

This is why our software engineers develop and innovate with the automation of daily data protection operating tasks always a key priority.

Our solutions provide a level of satisfaction and security unseen elsewhere.

Implantation and distribution

Headquartered in Paris, Synerway is present throughout France thanks to its extensive partner network.

In France, the UK and Germany, Synerway commercialises its solutions through a network of distributors who are certified to recommend, sell, install and support the backup Appliances.

Synerway is implanted abroad with maintenance cover in EMEA and Asia. 15% of sales are outside of Europe.