Tarmin Inc. delivers GridBank, its proprietary next generation data management platform designed to address big data opportunity. It is a single unified solution that addresses the entirety of unstructured data management requirements for enterprises. Built around the Three Pillars of GridBank, Tarmin is pioneering the technologies that support organizations in storing data, controlling risks and gaining understanding and insight into their fast growing unstructured information. The GridBank Data Management Platform was awarded Storage Monitoring Product of the Year and Email Archiving and Compliance Product of the Year in 2012 and Tarmin is a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2013.Tarmin-Storries-2012

Combining the latest in enterprise ready innovations with standards-based protocols, the GridBank Data Management Platform is an integrated solution that blurs the line between infrastructure and application to deliver the comprehensive scope, power and elasticity required to successfully address the challenges of unprecedented data growth.Rather than simply developing another storage infrastructure solution with costly architectural requirements that force customers to choose one type of storage hardware over another, Tarmin Inc. has pioneered a revolutionary hardware independent software solution that enables information assets and the corporate network to be used for what they were intended’ connecting people with information.


The Tarmin Approach

In the Information Economy, data drives competitive advantage, enhancing innovation and informing decision making. Organizations leveraging their information assets efficiently can flexibly adapt to changes in the business environment. Meanwhile, alongside data value creation opportunities, there are also significant risks involved in commercial and reputational concerns and in non-compliance with regulatory and legal mandates, as well as considerable costs in storing the growing flood of data in a secure and reliably accessible way.

Gridbank Enterprise

GridBank Enterprise, the flagship product from Tarmin, comprising the full set of features of GridBank Cloud Storage, GridBank for Files and Objects, GridBank for Exchange and GridBank for SharePoint, is designed to store data, control risk and understand information. To that end, it delivers a full-featured, comprehensive data management solution for hardware agnostic hybrid cloud-based object storage with high availability replication for disaster recovery, policy-based compliance risk mitigation, big data analytics and high performance on demand information access for understanding and business insights and a significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

The GridBank platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that translate into significant benefits for customers. Through a modular architecture delivering a wide range of functionality, clients are able to realize enhancements in their understanding of business critical information, improved regulatory and data risk control and significantly reduced storage costs.


Three Pillars of GridBank

The benefits of the GridBank platform are described below. It follows the Tarmin strategy of focusing on the Three Pillars of GridBank, storing data, controlling risk and understanding information.



GridBank limits data growth rate through Object Dedupe and compression. Virtualised management of disparate storage pools across heterogeneous hardware resources helps reduce cost.


GridBank offers an integrated information governance framework for retention and disposal, and controls the regulatory risks of data protection. Data is also highly available through fail-safe replication.


Big data analytic framework helps organizations understand business critical unstructured data, and gain actionable insights. In addition, clients can accelerate access to critical data via unified search.


Features Overview

Policy-Orchestrated Object Storage

GridBank delivers hardware agnostic object storage, scalable to PBs and billions of objects. It provides Object Dedupe, compression, encryption and policy-driven data management for storage optimization.

Global Namespace and File System Virtualization

The multi-site global namespace enables geo-dispersed storage pools to be consolidated through file system virtualization. Through this technology, GridBank delivers a centralized repository, eliminating data silos and reducing infrastructure complexity.

Archiving and Data Migration

GridBank offers archiving, migration, ingestion, indexing and policy-based tiering of data. This ensures that retention, preservation and disposal are managed with both read/write and tamper-proof WORM copies available at optimal performance levels, mitigating compliance risks.

Replication and Disaster Recovery

Failsafe replication functionality is included in the software core, providing high availability and disaster recovery in the event of datacenter outages.

Tarmin-gridbank-featuresSearch and Discovery

Through consolidation of disparate unstructured datasets, GridBank offers unified search for e-Discovery, data classification and on demand access to information for accelerated innovation.

Big Data Analytics

Finally, GridBank provides a big data analytics framework for application aware data mining and big analytics reporting and dashboarding based on data flows from customers, partners, market metrics and unstructured data stores.

According to IDC Research Report (March 2007), the amount of digital information that was created, captured, and replicated in 2006 was estimated at 161 exabytes, or about 3 million times the information in all the books ever written. The amount of information created and copied in 2010 will surge more than sixfold to 988 exabytes, representing a compound annual growth rate of 57 per cent!