Storage Consulting

NAS consultants have many years hands-on experience of network storage and backup solutions to a wide variety of blue chip companies. Changes or additions to your existing system or the purchase of a new network storage and backup solution, requires expert integration.

We believe that a structured approach to your business needs is all important. That is why we will spend time with you, listening to your issues, requirements and plans for the future. Our consultants are there to reassure you during the early stages of the purchasing process. The consultant will assess, recommend and fully implement your new network storage solutions. Their experience and in-depth knowledge will ensure that your business benefits from the most efficient and effective storage and backup solutions on the market.

Working with “best of breed” technologies, they will ensure that any solutions are installed, tested and seamlessly integrated within your business. They will also recommend appropriate training to ensure that your team have the skills and the knowledge to manage your network storage systems efficiently in the future. We will provide recommendations to suit all stages of your system development to ensure your business systems are safe, flexible, and recoverable and will support growth and development in the future. Most importantly, we will implement the changes required.

From recommendation to installation, training, support and maintenance, our project management consultants will ensure you are completely satisfied with your new system and that you have the necessary skills and tools for effective and efficient management of that system for the future.

Assessment and Planning

Most IT organisations are finding that they must make changes to their storage management strategy to keep pace. But without sound planning, these changes and improvements can actually perpetuate existing problems or cause additional ones to arise.

Architecture Design

After completion of the Capabilities Audit, Requirements Definition, and Gap Analysis, you have the knowledge you need to develop your Storage Architecture Plan. The Storage Architecture Plan enables you to solve any problems identified during the Gap Analysis, and serves as the basis for future technology acquisitions and planning.


Planning is only a small piece of implementing new technology, projects, or processes. The implementation phase and ongoing change management are equally important. NAS can help you implement storage projects and plans from start to finish, or assist you only in specific areas where you require added storage expertise.


NAS’s Optimisation Services help you address these issues and more. Our consultants enable you to get the most out of your existing storage investments by helping you improve procedures, fine-tune system configurations, shift resource allocations, and perform software version upgrades.

Knowledge Transfer

Now that you’ve deployed a SAN or NAS into your environment, does your IT department know how to maximize its use? NAS engineers will educate your staff so they can effectively utilize the investment in storage that you’ve made.

The unseen cost of data loss includes downtime, lost productivity, reduced customer confidence and time taken to recreate data. In addition, 50% of companies that experience a disastrous loss of data never fully recover and go out of business within 2 years. Balanced against this, you will find the cost of hiring the expertise of NAS compares favourably. Our consultants are also happy to perform health-checks and troubleshooting on your existing network storage systems.