HyperConverged Infrastructure


What is HyperConvergence?

HyperConvergence is all the best parts of technology, combining storage, compute, orchestration and networking in one solution. It’s simple, highly available, scalable and cheaper too. Unlike a traditional infrastructure, you don’t have to buy each individual component, which can be very expensive.

The main benefit of HyperConvergence is that it seamlessly integrates the operating systems, and hypervisor software together with the hardware. In a way that is both elegant, and simple for the end user.

Another problem that HyperConvergence could solve is vendor blame, which happens when you have an issue no-one will take responsibility for, and this can happen when working with several vendors. With HyperConvergence, there is one vendor and one support number to call.

No blame, and no fuss.

Why should I go HyperConverged?

Don’t just take our word for it, according to Information Age1, the demands small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will face, in terms of IT infrastructure will continue to rise exponentially in 2017. So eventually, your three or four year old SAN won’t be able to handle the growing needs of your virtual environment. You would ultimately need to increase the capacity, which would involve an expensive replacement, such as a forklift upgrade. With HyperConvergence, if you need more storage or compute power, just add another node–it’s that simple.

What are the benefits of HyperConvergence?

  • Virtual Machine Mobility–HyperConvergence enables greater application and/or workload mobility. When your applications outgrow one server, instead of starting from scratch on another system, allocate more resource it, or migrate to a more powerful node
  • High Availability–HyperConvergence enables higher levels of availability than possible in legacy systems. This means you get a robust solution, incurring minimal disruption to your business should a node fail, as any VMs are automatically migrated to other nodes
  • Cost and Time Efficiency–Keep your operational costs down when you switch to HyperConvergence, no more moving and replacing complex hardware, just plug in a new node. It’s as simple as that
  • Scalability–A HyperConverged solution can change as rapidly as your business, when your business grows, your IT infrastructure can expand with it. With HyperConvergence all you have to do is add extra nodes. That way you can spend more time on important projects, instead of sourcing different solutions that can cope with the new demands of your business
  • Specialist Training Isn’t Required–You know your business better than anyone else, so it’s only right you have a system that’s simple enough for you to monitor and understand. Of course if something does go wrong that you can’t fix, there is support for you
  • A Simple System–All your systems can be conveniently managed from a web browser, you don’t need multiple complicated setups to run your applications and day-to-day business

At NAS, we specialise in providing HyperConverged infrastructure solutions. We have many years’ pre-sales experience, working with a wide range of businesses each with different needs. We can offer test hardware, so you can see for yourself that the technology can work in your environment.


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