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1) Are you currently virtualised?

2) Which virtualisation platform are you currently using?

If 'Other' please specify

3) How many physical servers do you have?

4) How many VMs do you have?
NoneLess than 5050-200200-10001000+

5) Have you considered a Hyperconverged Infrastructure?
YesNoConsidered but rejected

If 'rejected' please specify as to why

6) When are you looking at refreshing your server & storage environment?
Next few monthsNext 12 months1 to 2 years3+ years

7) In total, our storage environment is
Less than 10 TB10-20 TB20-50 TB50-100 TBMore than 100TB

8) Is your cloud adoption?
IncreasingStaying the sameDecreasingDon't use cloudDon't trust cloud

9) Is there budget available for an infrastructure refresh?
Budget is availableWe are allocating budgetWe need pricing informationWe are planning annual budgetsBudget is not available now, but maybe in the futureNot applicable at this time

10) When my organisation makes a new implementation decision. I will be
The primary decision makerPart of a decision making groupInvolved in testing and evaluationRecommending to the primary decision maker

11) I am happy to receive future marketing material from NAS UK

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